Social Semantics

Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: / Teaching / Society / Social Survival / Sentience, Social Semantics /

Survival Sentience Semiotics Semantics

A — L

M — Z


How we use language to edit reality
without knowing we’re doing it

I got my obsession with semantics from Gregory Bateson who got his from Alfred Korzybski. But these days I prefer to talk about the set semantics as a subset of semiotics.
But: I’ve already called a section of my Thinking Tools by that name. This other semiotics section is in my Society section: under Survival. Being able to think is prerequisite to being able to think about society: so this area gets the secondary appellation. Understand: the label is semantics, the subject is social understanding.

This section parallels the Sentience & Semiotics menu The relevant sections are Teaching / Society / Social Epistemology and Teaching / Society / Social Survival / Semantics … It’s also Social Order, and Thinking Tools …

Society and its Pathologies

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