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Distinguishing physical from abstract, sane from pathological …

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My information theory (rather that subset which I call Macroinformation) forms the major part of this area.
While I recreate here, and K. Thinking Tools / Information, the blog will also absorb the Macroinformation blog.
When I devoted attention to inventing Macroinformation in 1999, having first intended to get around to it in the mid-1960s, my Bateson-inspired thinking tools were the most important modules at Quickly the Macroinformation modules, also Bateson-inspired, obviously, became the most important. Such materials spun off to form The Macroinformation blog formed as a supplement, a way of recording draft scribbles. The fed destroyed all pk materials in 2007, but left me alive: now, despite my poverty and age, I crawl to recreate what got destroyed. I recreate one file at a time, will begin editing after a core of modules are in place.

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