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Truth versus Fact
Truth and Reason
True + False = False

Truth Expired
Truth Quotes
Truth Scrapbook

The truth doesn’t need our permission to be true.

Truth & Reason was K’s original teaching module. In the two decades since I no longer associate the two concepts so closely. They belong joined better under social epistemology than under thinking – reason – epistemology …

When K. was born in 1995, and grew to a runaway in 1999, separating my “Scholarship” modules from my Society modules make as much sense to me as separating my Teaching files from my Personal files. Now there’s as much confusion as point in my distinctions. Stand by for reorganization.

2016 08 19 Does a Jew owe true answers to the Nazi interrogator? Absolutely not: the Jew retains the natural rights of any sentience, to fabricate as apparently necessary.
When the kleptcracy is run by and for atheists what sense does it make for the judges to make the object of the questions swear to tell the truth? Where do atheirst judges get off talking about God? or any other divinity? And where do kleptocratic institutions get off talking about truth?

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