Mi Spectra

Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: Macroinformation.org &
Knatz.com / Teaching / Thinking Tools / Information / Macroinformation / Spectra /

This spectra section gathers the bulk of Mi.org files on information as a set of spectra:

Simple to Complex
Objective to Subjective
One-dimensional to Multi-dimensional

Absolutes as Spectra
Finite / Infinite
Flatland Information Finds the Z Axis
Spectrum of Meaning
Orders of Information
Information Potential
New versus Old
Informational Quality / Quantity
Spectrum of Informational Complexity
Information Spectrum of Complexity: table
Complexity 2005 11 03
Subjective / Objective
Spectrum of Informational Objectivity

Human thought is full of things we think of as things that are actually informational constructs: and things that we think of as fixed, certain, objective … positions, that are actually spectra …

Compare irrational numbers …

Thinking Tools also has a Spectra sub-menu; this is the sub-menu of the sub-menu Information.

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