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Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: / Teaching / Society / Social Order / Institutions /

Civilization’s institutions chorus together
their litany of lies. had many an institutional module: most got recreated at my InsTic blog.

(Institutions CriTic)

Now they’re here: mature modules, essays, as it were, mixing with scrapbook scribbles, to be matured.

A — F

Our institutions aren’t the center of wisdom; they’re the center of sabotage.

G —L

M — R

S — Z


The above are modules by pk writing about institutions. pk’s personal experience of institutions, bureaucracies in the flesh — school stories, army, jail …

(Hierarchy versus Conviviality).

In time I’ll try to blend my several Purpose posts into one or two comprehensive modules, spanning the subject. These instutution posts are also purpose posts.

Coming Next: Institutional Incompetence

From other pk blogs:

Social Order

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