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Knatz.com, among its several thousand files, had a dozen meta-files: modules about Knatz.com. This PKnatz blog too will accumulate about files (all needing to be edited, upgraded, constantly never being really caught up:

about pKnatz blog
20,000 visitors in 2015, 150 countries
8,700+ visitors in 2014

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Scrapbooks Development Scribbles

Scrapbooks: K. had scrapbooks galore, pknatz blog adds more. They’re notebooks of materials jotted after the initial module on a subject was posted.

Monthlies are “scrapbooks” that I keep regular and current by re-dating the current post to the first of the current month. Want to know what I’m babbling about fishing or news or dancing? check the first of the month. Older materials are then moved to an archive, dated 2001, or 2002 …

Scribble Bibles, development scribbles, are places I gather notes to myself, nevermind how personal-incomprehensible they are. They’re for me, no guarantee that I’ll understand them either. You’re welcome to look and try.
Old Scribble Bibles too are archived as of a decade ago. Lots of luck: like Don Quixote, the more I write the further removed from the possibility of ever finishing everything becomes.

I put pk drawings, some of them, into blog drafts, hoping I’d know how to find them.

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