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The Nazi steals the piano from the Jew. The Jew goes to the death camp, the Nazi goes to City Hall and the clerk writes it down that the piano belongs to the Nazi.

It’s an old story. The different Bibles tell different versions of it. What I have emphasized for decades is that the stories support meanings the opposite of what we thought they meant: it’s the law-bound Romans who sell their souls to abet the law-bound Jews in sabotaging their God when he appears on earth. The priests had a thoroughly crooked business thriving at the Temple, along comes Jesus, the spoil sport.
And after they’ve crucified Jesus, spouting laws, who runs the Temple? Jesus? He’s dead. No: the priests. And pieces of paper.

Jesus knew what would happen to him once he scattered the money tables. If he read Genesis he saw precedent, Exodus. It’s like the weather man saying it will rain next week: of course it will. People will cheat to protect their corruption: of course they will. And some schmuck of a god will knock it askew. It doesn’t do any good, not that we see on earth. The Nazi just shows his title to the piano.

No, no, that’s sloppy: the Nazi doesn’t have to show his slip of paper to the Nazis’ thugs: the thug sees that it’s a Nazi who has the pano; not a Jew. The thug doesn’t need to see any paper.

The farmer in the middle west just shows his piece of paper from the United States saying that he owns the Cheyenne land, fair and square his wagon was the first one to get to this tract. And whoever this year’s crop of Nazis are, they’ll have a church that will have a god who will say that the farmer owns the land, rair and squeare, the white famrer: cause Jesus was white.: white with grief, hung on the dungeon wall.

The Bible warned me what would happen to me when I offered the world an internet in 1970. I’d seen the same thing far enough when I saw Ivan Illich’s history before I founded FLEX: foreshadowing mine, recapitulated Jesus’. Offer good, pay with your balls.

This could grow to any length, but I’ve already repeated the points ad nauseam.

“Tell the truth”, says the judge with a straight face. The court thus affirms the preposterous belief that “the truth” is something that can be uttered, im words! that that court is filled with human sentienses each capable of judging the semiotic universe of the assembly.

We’re born with an epistemology that has supported our survival for a million or two years. But political systems are atheisitc: that is, they believe that we have gotten away with murder, therefore we can get away with murder, therefore it’s fine if the thugs rule, nothing can go seriously wrong.: we had dispensation, we’re exempt. (It’s so funny to watch people talk about Trump and Clinton, as though there were such a thing as good government.)

Say It Ain’t So, Monsanto
Spain, Portugal, and the Church, and the Pope decided before we knew what was in the world what belonged to who. The patent was issued before the invention was invented. But even after the invention, does a church really have a god’s authorization of ownership? Where does the god get the authority? Does Monsanto realy own Haiti? Does Haiti. Does the US.

It became clear to me eventually that one reason my professors never understood what I said is that kleptocracies don’t want patents to be tied down. The whites want to steal the mulato music before Charlie Parker’s royalties have been established. The KKK wants to own, and terrorize, and lynch, and still own, and be loved of God. Therefore the past has to be postponed: until we know that the taxes due are a pittance.

Thought Experiment
How about a rough estimate for royalties and pentalites owed to Tessler for his inventions where patents were given to Marconi? How much should Edison have paid to Tessler for broken promises? Or how about this, say there was some kid in Brooklyn who thought very much along Tessla’s lines but never sketched any diagrams, tried any formulae because every time he thought outloud the priest gave him 1,000 Hail Maries to say?

I translate what I’m saying: we don’t know what claims are reasonable if we don’t listen, if background is interrupted so conclusions can be enforced before evidence is well begun. OK. I like to imagine God providing the axioms. But I don’t trust any cultures gods either: especially not when Canaan is being given away.

When I was arrested in 2006 why was the FBI trusted to handle any part of it? The FBI was found guilty of touting falsehoods, cheating in the lab, long before I wrote the emails that the FBI then rewrote till the rewrites proved crimes. The court for the Jew’s piano is conducted by the Nazis who stole the piano!

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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